February 27th, 2010


Mobile Photo Taking, Whatever Next?

I've finally made it into the 21st Century, I think - photo taken on my phone and emailed to myself so I could blog about it ... of course, if I wasn't such a cheapskate with my phone contract I'd probably've been able to upload it somewhere directly, rather than sending it as an email, but I'm not letting the phone know there's much of an internet out there to play with ;)

J at The Moorish Lounge, with his favourite cushion

And whilst this pic looks a little crappy quality, that's partly camera shake and partly coz I switched the flash off. It was big enough to edit the size down for the "large" version you'll get by clicking through, too! My, hasn't technology come on these days ;)

Took the pic at The Moorish Lounge, just before we had our lunch there on Thursday. J was really rather fond of the big gold cushions, the littler patchwork ones may've looked nicer (not in the pic sadly) but the gold ones were the comfiest :)
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