March 1st, 2010


DJ Hero

Going to Tescos turned out to be expensive not just coz we stocked up on food, but also because J noticed they were selling DJ Hero for almost a sensible price (£60 for the standard set, which is comparable with the original Guitar Hero game prices). We'd played it at Gareth's birthday do, and I'd been, well, whelmed but J was intrigued. So after dithering off & on and back & forth all day on Friday J finally went back to Tescos on the way home from karate & bought it.

I'm still whelmed. Tho I suspect once I get over the initial "this is impossible" reaction I'll get sucked in, it is, after all, a music game and I like those in general. At the moment, tho, I can't get the hang of scratching and had a paddy at it after flapping my way through a couple of setlists on medium. It's weird being back to omg-suck on a music game, I'd forgotten how hard I found the guitar games at first and how impossible it felt it would be to ever get the hang of it.

J's played quite a lot though (even round his raging Fallout 3 addiction), and didn't find the basic controls so difficult to get the hang of - it's always this way, he's better at games in general than me, just sometimes I get obsessed and get better just through repetition ;) He's playing on hard mostly, did the first (easiest) setlist on expert too. Watching that it was easier to see how the controls and the track were matching up, although it also looked like information overload!

We also tried the DJ & guitar multiplayer mode, there's a few mixes that have a guitar track too. But that felt like a total afterthought, I could play along, but there was no feeling that me playing made any difference (I spose it would've to the sound, but not to the game). It was 2 people playing in the same game, but no interaction, and the guitar didn't even earn stars. There's also only a few tracks where you can play the guitar anyway. I guess they felt they may as well do it coz they could? but really, it's a single player game. Not a bad thing, of course, and makes a change after the way Rock Band is so much better as a multiplayer game.

Overall, the jury's still out on the game for me, but I think J likes it quite a bit, so we're getting our money's worth from it :)
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