March 2nd, 2010


Spring (and Not a Leap Year)

Spring appears to've arrived. Appropriately, given it's now March, but I wasn't anticipating the weather noticing the calendar ;) Yesterday was sunny, and while not warm it certainly wasn't as cold as it's been. The cat approves, he spent a lot of yesterday outside, rather than huddled in behind the chairs beside the radiator in the front room. And he's back out today too. I think it's not just the slightly warmer weather - sitting at my computer this morning I've seen more little birds fluttering around the bushes in the garden, and I'm sure that's a large part of the appeal of the outdoors for the cat ;)

J had an evening off from the ps3 yesterday! Not entirely on purpose, although he was saying he thought it was a good idea as he'd been dreaming about fallout 3 ... But the actual reason for no ps3 time was that Sony appeared to have screwed up the date/time code in the older ps3s (like ours) in a fairly spectacular way! The internal clock was convinced it was a leap year this year, so yesterday was 29th Feb. But the software clock knew that this wasn't a valid date. So the poor console had a fit - displayed some error code, displayed the wrong date (back in 2000, but didn't believe its own display, it still thought it was the impossible date), couldn't log onto the psn, various games wouldn't run even as single player (to do with drm I think, also to do with trying to work out when you'd got trophies). Or so I'm lead to believe - that's pieced together from Sony's official statements but also relies on the speculation of the wider internets (which are, of course, full of the crazy in general). We found out about it early in the day, and the official advice was don't switch the console on if you'd got one of the older ones, so we didn't. Terribly embarassing for Sony. Apparently all is well today, but it might display the wrong date (I'd be guessing 1 March!), so I shall switch it on sometime this afternoon & see what happens!
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