March 3rd, 2010


Cats & Civilization

Well, the cat has lost his approval of the outside again ... he came in yesterday afternoon & hid behind the chairs again, and I noticed he'd got a few loose tufty bits of fur, so we checked him over before we fed him last night. Definitely been in a fight - presumably with something animate like a cat or that blasted rabbit I chased out of the garden again yesterday. But possibly with some piece of tree or fence or something like that, he's not the most ept cat ;) Scratches on his face, plus a couple of biggish cuts under his right arm, and one on his left arm we missed until this morning. He's quite a good cat really, let me clean them up with hot, salty water with a minimum of fuss, just a bit of growling. He's confined to barracks today, so we can make sure we've not missed something bigger (how he hides the cuts I do not know, too much fur I think!). He's taking the forced inactivity well - curled up half-asleep on a chair, occasionally looking to make sure I'm there. Well, he was - I got distracted mid-entry by a bunch of things including putting some laundry on and that was just Far Too Exciting to sleep through, it seems ;)

The news that Civ V is out this autumn (first I'd heard of it, they've kept that pretty quiet!) and a conversation with Narenek & Contralto on Snowplains about dreaming about playing Civ reminded me that I hadn't played Civ IV in ages & ages. So I cleared off some space on my Windows partition1 this Sunday & re-installed it (yes, it'd been so long it wasn't installed!). God, I'm rusty. Played a few starts, and flapped around at it for a while, reminding myself of what the options are, where the buttons are, that sort of thing. Finally got a half-decent game going yesterday afternoon, but I think I'm still going to lose it (on Noble) - too half-arsed a landgrab, and I'm too late deciding on a victory condition (it's kinda got to be space by this stage & I'm not tech leader so even that's a bit half-arsed). And playing reminded me of the Realms Beyond forums & their variant games. No way up to playing any at the mo, I'm too too rusty, but I'm adding the forum back into my daily round of places to look & maybe I'll be up to speed by the time Civ V comes out (and presumably their initial games will be more vanilla when it starts over for the new game (assuming it does)).

1. Yes, I could've installed in linux, but I cancelled my transgaming subscription a while ago, and I have some issues with Wine not starting apps sometimes and instead eating the machine alive requiring a reboot to kill it (kill -9 doesn't work). So I just couldn't be arsed with that, not for a whim/quick fix of Civ, the point was to play not to troubleshoot. And my windows partition is just about full, of l4d, l4d2 and maps for l4d. So I'm starting to think maybe I need a new hard drive for more space for Windows (l4d maps are huge), but then should I be buying Win 7 instead of installing XP again? Gah. Decisions, cba ;)