March 5th, 2010

fink whiky

Civ = Timesuck, I'm Sure You're Shocked!

Civ IV addiction appears to've bitten again ;) Even nearly got sucked into the current adventure running on RB but I don't think I've got the expansion pack they're currently running all the games on, damnit. Still, that saves me from a) the lunacy of a semi-competitive variant game when I've not played in far too long and b) from trying to get game+report done in 10 days ;) But still, it looked like a neat variant - modded so food/hammers/commerce are switched around, all one's default assumptions about terrain & resources would be wrong. The reports should be neat to read, anyway - I'm not sure at all how it'll work out. Just checked, definitely don't have the expansion, have Warlords but not Beyond the Sword. Damn. Tho that does save me from the timesuck, I should look on the positive side ;)

And I'm gonna order Final Fantasy XIII today, so I it's not like I need another timesuck, I'll be getting one next week. I've decided to give up on Dragon Age: Origins for now, I'll come back to it another time, it's just not been what I've been in the mood for recently. Reviews of FFXIII have suggested it might be a tad linear, but personally that's not necessarily a negative point, I'll be there for the pretty and the killing things, so not having to worry about whether this or that is the right choice (particularly where everything's "right") is maybe a good thing ;) We shall see :)

J's got really sucked into reading the Wheel of Time book, so we've had a few lateish nights recently (more l4d time, more civ time \o/ ), which slight tiredness was probably responsible for my total attack of the Do Not Wants yesterday afternoon. And thus I didn't get the shopping done till waaaaaaay too late & now I have to go into town more times next week so I can buy & post my sister-in-law's birthday pressie before next Thursday! Tho having just checked my calendar, I have her down as 13 March not 11th, but I'd probably better get it there for the earlier date just in case ;)

And now I should really leave the computer and go and actually do something things morning!