March 7th, 2010


Brain Status: Coming Online

The non-gaming part of my brain is beginning to prod at me a bit, so maybe these entries will get more interesting for people who don't share my obsession with games? While I was out in the garden (putting coffee grounds in the recycling bin and chasing the fucking rabbit out) I was looking at the flower beds with an eye to what needs to be chopped back - if it stays nice & sunny this week I shall get round to that one afternoon (it's a chore thus it won't be today, it's not a weekend job). I'm also starting to work out in my head where I'd got to with the genealogy research & what would be next. Haven't really done any since last summer, when I got quite a bit of data on J's great-great-great-grandfather's family (his father's mother's mother's mother' father's ancestors), and wrote it up as a sort of mini-paper. I did get a name/family identification for that chap's wife before I stopped last time round, so she's a good place to start. And she's (I think) the sister of another great-great-great-grandmother (J's father's mother's father's father's mother) so I'll be killing two birds with one stone :)

Oh, and I have half a story thing in my head. Well, more a feel and half a tagline - "I'm <name> the fucking <lizard species> and don't you fucking forget it!". Lizards have to be a bit punk, don't you think? He's bothered by paparazzi and is rather foul-mouthed, it's a first-person rant. But I don't have the words or the rest of the story yet. It's inspired by a pic someone posted on facebook, but I don't know the lass in question well enough to feel comfortable subjecting her to the crazy inside my head & asking her for more pics (if it's her lizard, I'm not sure, it might just've been a lizard she met) to get more story stuff.

Of course, I haven't done any of this stuff yet, yesterday was entirely spent on games! We'll see what happens - none of it may happen coz Final Fantasy XIII is arriving at some point next week ;)