March 8th, 2010


Win7 *yawn*

It's probably not that surprising that nearly all I did yesterday was cook & play games, it was Sunday after all ;) I did look into Win7 pricing over the weekend tho, given I'm starting to wonder about biting the bullet & buying it. Looks like getting an upgrade copy would be a right royal pain in the arse - you can't just provide your XP serial number or an XP disc for it, you have to have XP installed and activated before you can install Win7 every time. And while I don't do reinstalls all that often it does happen every couple of years or so, and installing 2 windows OSes every time would get on my nerves (and eventually start causing me grief with the activation process, so far I've not triggered the "omg you've used our OS too many times" limit, but it's gotta happen sometime). So, no "cheap" upgrade (for values of cheap that really don't include cheap), and the OEM vs. retail price difference isn't enough to worry about certainly not given there may be hassles down the line for an OEM one. Retail it is. And looking at feature lists maybe the Home edition is the one I want, I think.

This is like buying a washing machine. Both are expensive things that are purely a (rather boring) means to an end, but the retailers/manufacturers would like to convince me of the life changing properties of one version as opposed to another. And frankly I couldn't give a shit. Ah well, at least Win7 is cheaper than the washing machine ;)

I shan't be buying it yet though, this was mostly an exercise in seeing what the options were. I do need to pick some people's brains about steam and if I can just shift it onto a new drive with no issues, the greater internet leads me to believe not but the greater internet is frequently full of people talking crap with no basis in fact. If that'll work in some sort of easy way (preferably with no need to re-download 6Gb of l4d2) then the cheapest & easiest option is just to get a new hard drive & make it D:\ and worry about Win7 whenever I next buy hardware to rebuild one of our machines (J's well overdue an upgrade but he's not interested in doing anything with his pc atm that needs anything better than what he's got).