March 11th, 2010


Final Fantasy XIII!!

Final Fantasy XIII arrived yesterday morning, so that ate all my afternoon & destroyed the plans to do some genealogy research ;) First thoughts are "ooooooooh, shiny!", repeated many times :) Looks and feels like a Final Fantasy game, tho I suppose I don't play any other Japanese RPGs so that may be a generic thing rather than a specific thing ... I like it tho :) I've done the first couple of chapters, just starting on chapter 3 & it's still introducing me to the controls and the menus - I've only just been told about the paradigm shift stuff for battles, and about the upgrades for characters (that's weirdly different to other RPGs, you don't level up, you get points and have to go into the menus and spend them when you feel like it). I can definitely see where the criticisms that it's too linear come from, there really haven't been choices so far, but I'm enjoying being along for the ride enough that that doesn't matter. And I think personally I have a preference for a bit of linearity anyway (I like to know I'm doing the "right" thing in games so can find lots and lots of choices all of which are right a bit overwhelming ;) ). So far none of the characters are getting on my nerves (this has sometimes been a problem with other FF games for me), it's interesting to note that the male ones are there to be laughed at (the guy with the chocobo chick in his hair is comic relief mostly so far) or eye-rolled at (Snow's "Serah! Your hero is coming!" or Hope with his omg-emotastic sulk) and the female ones are there to kick ass (so far Lightning is my favourite, Vanille is a touch too "weird").

Not sure I'll get a chance to play it today though, most of the day I'll be doing chores (today is a grocery shopping day) and then later J'll be on the PS3 & I'll be hunting zombies.