March 12th, 2010


New Clothes! :)

The shops seem to've decided summer is on the way, so it must be nearly proper spring ;) I'd noticed on Monday as I was wandering about looking for my sister-in-law's birthday pressie that Dorothy Perkins had shorts in, so went back yesterday to see if there were any that I'd actually wear :) I wear shorts as much of the summer as I can but often forget to look for them during the time of year that the shops sell them, instead of getting to the summer & then deciding I want them. So last year I was down to one pair of shorts. But this year I shall have 2 as they had some not quite knee length shorts that were both sensibly priced & looked nice!

And I bought a shirt as well, just coz. Green check one, which kinda reminds me of the one I bought in H&M 18 or 19 years ago on my first trip into London totally on my own. Shirt now sadly deceased :( And anyway, I don't wear any of the other shirts I have from that point or the next decade (I should dispose of more of them tbh, charity shop or bin depending on how badly worn they look) so I wouldn't wear it anyway even if it was still alive & well. The new one, is, of course, nothing like the previous one in style or fit or anything other than the fact it has a green check pattern, fashions having moved on somewhat in the meantime.

Thinking of clearing out the shirts in the wardrobe, I should really go through all my clothes. I'm running out of space in a couple of drawers, yet there are drawers I can't remember the last time I wore something from. But I suspect if I fish all the clothes out & look at them I'll end up thinking things like "ooh, that's nice I should wear it more" rather than binning them ;) And I did resurrect a more than 15 year old white top after a long time of not wearing it to wear on xmas day so the pack-rattery isn't entirely just futile hoarding! Some of it probably is though, I'm sure there's a long sleeve top in the same drawer as that top that I really like the colour of but the fit is weird (it should just fit, it's a long sleeve t-shirt really, where could it go wrong? but it clings and bunches up weirdly). And every time I run across it I think I should wear it more then it goes back in the drawer after one wear coz it really doesn't fit right. So, maybe I should get rid of it?

It won't happen tho, I've got a game to play this afternoon & I know which is a more interesting way to spend my afternoon ;)