March 13th, 2010

fink whiky

Paradigm Shifts and Zombie Hunts

Well, I started writing this this morning, but got sidetracked by the PS3 again :) Better late than never, eh?

So yesterday afternoon unsurprisingly got eaten up by Final Fantasy XIII, by the end of the afternoon I'm seven hours into the game and still in the tutorial sections! Mostly coz it's spreading out introducing the new bits so you have a chance to get the hang of each thing on its own. For me I think it's paced about right, and I get to hit lots of things with swords (or shoot them or fling spells (fire! :D ) at them) so it's all good :D Tho I need to think rather more tactically than I normally do, the nitty gritty of what to use to hit enemies is fairly automated, the skill seems to lie in choosing one's target and keeping an eye on everyone's health & what the enemies are vulnerable to etc. Obvious, I guess, but it feels more seperated out to think about than I normally manage myself, generally in RPGs I get very carried away with "must hit with sword" and put less thought into the rest of it ;)

The evening was zombie time as usual - tried out a new map, Black Out. Which was kinda cool, but way too short. Even with having to do-over some bits more than once (coz the horde came constantly so sitting & defending wasn't the right approach, needed to move through it, which obviously couldn't tell till we'd done it once or twice) we were still done in around an hour I think. Went and had another go at Dark Blood after that ... I know we've got to the finale before, but it was not to be last night. Partly coz it was Friday (and I personally was pretty pissed by midnight), partly coz dnky's net connection died so we were down to 3 from not long into the map, and partly coz alt had to call it a night early (well, kinda, as in not early at all) coz he had to work today. Probly not fair of me to chatter on to him for about an hour after that ;) Good evening :)