March 14th, 2010


Rinse & Repeat?

Saturday was much like Friday. Only with less chores and more attempt at sleeping in. Said attempt foiled by next-door's kid screaming his head off on the other side of the wall at 8am. It was happy cheerful want-to-play screaming, but it was quite loud enough to wake us both up. And his parents loudly shushing him didn't aid sleep, either ;) Did get back to sleep after that tho, so had a bit of a lie in :)

J had to do some hieroglyphs homework in the early afternoon so he managed to drag himself away from the PS3 and Fallout 3 for a while, perfect opportunity for me to get in another 3 hours of Final Fantasy XIII :D I might be done with tutorials now? I'm not sure, but I got the last bit I knew about in advance (how to fight with your Eilodon) and also got told about weapons upgrades. The weapons upgrades were confusing tho :/ I'm pretty sure I've got it worked out now, but I'm not sure I have the patience to play the meta-game of efficiently upgrading them. Basically the stuff that monsters drop can be added onto weapons, what is is doesn't really matter, what matters is how much EXP it gives the weapons. So a spark plug doesn't give the weapon lightning damage or anything neat like that, it just gives it a hundred-odd EXP. When the weapon has enough EXP it levels up, and that doesn't seem to give neat side-effects either, it gives better strength/magic modifiers. The meta-game is around adding something that gives maybe not very much EXP itself, but gives a bonus to the next addition (like 1.25x EXP). But you don't get told about the bonus in advance and there doesn't seem to be a pattern to that - there may be an underlying one but it's not been apparent to me. And you can't take stuff back off the weapon without breaking it down for scrap & destroying it. So to be efficient you should save, add something, if it doesn't give a bonus reload the save & try again. But that might require more patience and faffing about than I'm really gonna go to the effort of. We'll see ;)

Still enjoying the game! Even tho it's not all button mashing and actually requires tactical thought! Somewhat of a surprise for me & an RPG ;)

Zombie hunting in the evening - surprisingly so, I hadn't been sure anyone would be around. But Post-Human appeared & we had a bit of a run through of Coal'd Blood with some random pub players, coz Post hadn't seen the map before. Nearly nearly did it, too. One go on the finale I would've escaped if I'd just had a pipebomb spare (everyone else was dead by then), but one of our pub players had used up a molly & a pipe during the horde before the last tank so we not only didn't have a pipe but we had to shoot the tank too - which is why it was just me left alive. Gave up around midnight in the end coz it was getting too late, and we were kinda into the territory of diminishing returns as tiredness was kicking in.
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