March 15th, 2010


Games Again!

Sunday wasn't the same as Saturday!! But not actually all that different ;) My quite brief PS3 time was taken up with Rockband 2 instead of Final Fantasy - we'd got a few new songs on Thursday so wanted to play them. It's impressive they're still bringing out DLC that's interesting. Even the weeks when we don't care about any of the tracks, someone else probably does :) Need to get a proper game going of RB tho, since we got the disc back after the dead PS3 just before xmas we've not actually set up a band, so the main game tracks aren't much unlocked in J's save. I haven't even set up a character in his save! Do wish they hadn't locked the save games to the physical ps3 :/

Watched J play Fallout 3 for some of the afternoon, too, couldn't settle to my book. It's a very addictive game, isn't it? Got quite sucked into watching & pointing out places he could go have a look at or investigate :) Like some tunnels under an abandoned school (now used by raiders) full of giant ants. The 1950s future scenario works really well, it feels very like stories from that era about nuclear war and the omg-mutants that would arise. J's played about 80 hours of it now! :o

And zombies in the evening, played Heaven Can Wait, which we've had on the server for ages but I wasn't sure we'd played much. And part way through we realised why - there's a buggy bit on the second level where if you stay too long you'll crash. Bah :/ Kept the game going through a couple of crashes coz not everyone was dropped out, but then in the end started over from level 3 to skip it. Only a couple of goes from there tho, got late & really we were more pissing about and less playing properly so it wasn't very successful. Funny game tho, giggled most of my way through it ;)

Don't worry, the next entry will be about something other than computer games, I'm sure :)