March 22nd, 2010


Bugs and Books

I let J have the PS3 all day yesterday (well, after he was back from karate during which I cooked lunch), so no Final Fantasy XIII for me & I had plenty of time to do other things ;) Poked around online to try & fix a couple of things on my pc that aren't working 100% right - no tray icon for the version of gwibber I'm currently running & epiphany won't currently compile. Neither earth shatteringly important (I can minimise gwibber, and I don't use epiphany it just gets pulled in as a part of gnome). Which is just as well, coz they're both fixed in newer versions I just have to wait till said newer version makes it down the pipeline in gentoo. Gwibber's an upstream bug fixed in the next version, epiphany is apparently a compatibility problem with the version of xulrunner I'm running but I need that to get the latest firefox iirc, so that's staying. A newer version of the ebuild for epiphany will fix it when it gets marked stable tho. So that was a little unsatisfactory - I didn't fix either of them, I just have to wait. And I'm always reminded reading bugs how infrequently everyone feels the need to be polite. A bit more common courtesy on both sides would make for less irritating reading for those of us trying to find fixes for problems (and make me personally more likely to report bugs - I'm not gonna make the effort if I feel the developers see user bugs as a waste of time and particularly not if the response implies that no-one should do things that way so if you do you deserve it to break).

And I read some more of the book about Egypt that I've got going, I'm in to the New Kingdom now. Which should hopefully be easier reading as I already know more about who the Pharaohs were during that period and have some idea of a rough overview of the period. Tho so far it's still fairly heavy going.

And then I read "Patient Zero" by Jonathan Maberry (which makes 7 ... the Egypt book is slowing me down a lot, I think ;) ). I'd seen it in the bookshop, and flicked at it coz the tagline on the cover is "Zombies - The New Bio-Weapon". And obviously zombies are dear to my heart ;) And then chapter 1 got me hooked (just not hooked enough to buy a hardback, found it in the library instead) - here it is in its entirety: "When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week, then there's either something wrong with your skills or something wrong with your world. And there's nothing wrong with my skills." It's a rollercoaster thriller from there on in. Our hero is a smartarse who is actually as good at kicking ass as he'd like to think. And there are terrorists making some sort of zombie plague. And the shit is just about to hit the fan. I did think it'll probably date pretty quickly - it's very post-9/11 paranoias that the story runs with. Overall tho I liked it a lot - definitely going to look for more by this author (who I'd not run across before) and wikipedia tells me this book is the start of a trilogy so that's cool :)