March 23rd, 2010


Spring springs!

Spring really does seem to've properly arrived. I bet it goes away again now I've said that ;) But it's been sunny & nice here for the last few days. And the bushes are beginning to have wee buds on them. So I really need to get round to cutting back the dead stuff in the flower beds to make sure the new stuff has space to grow. And maybe work out what needs to happen to the fence in one of the corners to see if I can make it harder for that blasted rabbit to get in, as it'll be well tedious if it comes and eats the plants once there's nice plants there rather than dead winter stalks.

But instead of that yesterday afternoon I played Final Fantasy XIII all afternoon after I'd done the chores ;) Plot happened! Some things I predicted! But I know J doesn't really want spoilers in case he plays the game himself so I shan't say what they were. And I fought some big scary beasties too :)