March 24th, 2010


Teeth and Plants (But Not Plants With Teeth)

J had his root canal done yesterday morning - which it seems involved about 40 minutes of the dentist poking about in his mouth, drilling & scraping. But not actual pain, which is good :) Most of the tooth was dead, so it is, as I understand it, likely to've been the cause of the toothaches he's had. So that should be fixed now. He's got a temporary filling in at the moment, and needs to go back in a month's time to either have a proper filling put in (cheap, but not as long lasting as the currently strong tooth walls might disintegrate later without a living tooth underneath) or an inlay (which is more expensive but should last). I suspect he'll go for the expensive-but-lasting option, having a tooth disintegrate sounds inconvenient ;)

In other news I was virtuous and did some of the gardening that needs done - cut back all the dead stuff in the flowerbed where we used to have a tree in the corner of the grass. That makes perfect sense as a description if you've seen the garden, I think :) That's definitely the easiest bed to deal with - the vast majority of the plants in it were annuals, so pretty much if it was green it was a weed. I did leave something green looking coz I think it might be a real plant but I won't be able to tell till it does something more than have a few leaves ;) It wasn't grass or dandelion or brambles, anyway, like most of the green was. The other flowerbed is larger and will probably be tackled in two stages over the rest of the week. It also has more stuff that will come back so I have to take more time to identify the green ;)