March 26th, 2010



I actually did even more of the gardening but it's still not quite done. I rapidly lose the will to live when trying to tidy up the dead bits on geraniums, so I gave up after half the bed was done. I did realise while I was doing it that another of the shrubs has died (in the only bed that still has the shrubs that were there when we moved in), so I'm wondering if J's Dad will have enough spare plants for us to rip out the last of the shrubbery and put in more flowers (maybe more geraniums, even, they do seem to do well). Which would, of course, mean that next year I'd have even more dead bits to cut back. But it'd be prettier during the summer, so it'd be an OK trade off I guess ;)

Not sure at this point how many of the non-geranium plants are gonna come back. Well, the big white daisy-like flowers will, I can see their leaves, and something feathery with wee white flowers, too. But then I worried about it at this point last year and loads grew, so hopefully that's gonna happen again this year. But the campanulas and something labelled as Verbascum had low-level leaves last year and there aren't any this year, so I'm not holding out much hope for them :/ Maybe they only do a couple of years then die? Or maybe I should just wait & they'll spring back to life! I shall have to get J to ask the expert who planted them (his Dad) ;) Along the bit of flowerbed I've not done yet I have seen a few things re-growing (at least one of the mallows and something which had a spike of white flowers last year I don't know the name of, but it's not the verbascum). And the hydrangea which I think is unkillable (it survived not being watered often enough while it shared the bed with the tree-things we had in there before, and survived the move when we had the trees taken out). And some things I know last year came poking through the earth not-quite where the previous growth had been, a bit later in the year than this.

Maybe one day I'll know what I'm doing with this garden? I bet we move at that point ;)
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