March 30th, 2010



Had one of those days yesterday where I just felt unsettled & faintly grumpy about everything. Not helped, particularly, by getting the house insurance renewal letter. I'm not one of those people who likes to game the system with things like this to save money - I don't generally care if I have the best deal, I'd rather have a good enough deal & just leave it be after that. So I don't go poking around on sites like uswitch trying to save pennies per month on my utility bills or anything. But the house insurance market seems to be set up so that if you don't switch companies every single year you are significantly worse off on the deal (particularly so if you look at it as a percentage of the bill). And I hate doing the looking around, see what's on offer, what price, what cover. But I'm not just gonna let the renewal tick over, or go for the first deal I see without checking it out a bit. Coz that'd be foolish. But I shan't enjoy sorting it out, especially knowing I'll be doing it all again next year. Why can't it be like car insurance where (if you don't claim or change car) it goes down every year?

Probably shan't sort it out today, I've got 3 weeks. I shall wait until tomorrow or something, when the grumpy has properly passed ;)