April 9th, 2010



Finally warm enough to go out without a coat yesterday! Which made the shopping trip more pleasant. And I'm looking forward to summer & sandals weather now :) Sandals weather will come somewhat sooner than summer itself, mind you.

Short weeks (J had Tuesday off as well as the bankholiday Monday) always feel weird choreswise, and this week wasn't helped by having to go into town on Weds (to post Dave's birthday pressie) as well as Thurs (to buy food for the weekend). So it all feels off kilter with the lack of routine (if you're thinking I'm a creature of habit, you'd be right ;) ). I suppose I could've tried to buy all the food on Wednesday too but doing both trips did mean I had the spare carrying space to pick up some Weed & Feed for the lawn - there are three half-full tubs of it in the shed, but as I know it goes off after a while I'd only want to use last years and I don't know which one that is. Must must must remember to put out the old ones before I add a fourth half-full one to join them ;) And might be a good idea to treat the grass soon, before the plants get bigger and I start to worry about getting the weedkiller part of it on the plants ...

Despite having to leave the house on Weds I did still manage to get some FFXIII playing in - still doing Ci'eth stone missions. Having trouble finding where the currently opened up ones are though. There's a possible path I've not checked out tho that I spotted towards the end of my playing on Weds, and there's an area behind a couple of monsters that I don't seem to be able to beat. Not sure if I am missing a trick there, or if I just need to be leveled up more - tho I've just now realised I've not upgraded their weapons in a while, maybe that'll help.

Shockingly no zombie hunting since Sunday, but I did play some quakelive last night. Woefully out of practice there. Although part of why I was getting my arse kicked was that I ended up on a server full of people who're better than me - I noticed it was flagged as 'skill-up' when I'd quit it (but it got that way through someone off my friendslist joining & others of his mates, just a hazard of knowing some real obsessives I guess ;) ).