May 3rd, 2010

fink whiky

Lazy Lazy Weekend .... Now With Added Bank Holiday

Having a rather lazy bank holiday weekend so far, looks likely to continue for the rest of today, too \o/ It's starting to feel like we're getting all booked up for the foreseeable future, but actually that's not really true. May is pretty clear still (Jo&Chris visit end of month, J's folks potentially mid-month), June is more booked (PRR gig, BM Open Evening, J to a stag do and me to a medieval banquet thing (same weekend, annoyingly, else J'd've come for the medieval banquet), J's folks visit if they didn't in May). July is, iirc, clear except a potential trip north. August is clear till the end, when we go to Kefalonia (visit my folks/have them visit us July or August, yet to be arranged). September clear (except a potential Snowplains meet) once we're home, then October has a wedding and a Porcupine Tree gig. I think it's the fact that we have stuff planned in mid-October that makes it feel busy - that's months away and we're already booked up??

We'd had some vague plan of leaving the house today, but as it keeps clouding over & raining I don't think we'll bother. So the lazy will continue :) About the closest I've come to doing anything other than play games (or cook) is to move my Steam install from one partition on my drive to another. And that's games related, so it's not that far away from playing games ;) It turned out to be easy, actually - move the steamapps dir out of the way, uninstall steam, reinstall steam, put steamapps dir back in place. I ended up having to re-verify the local files coz it was thinking it needed to redownload the games, but the verify reminded Steam they existed. My only hiccup was forgetting that my firewall would make L4D hang on first run (it tries to get out to the internet at a point where you can't alt-tab out to the firewall and tell it it's OK). Once that was sorted out it was all fine. And I now have ~25Gb of free space on C:\ again and a further 25Gb or so on E:\, so plenty of space for more L4D maps ;) So I've put off having to do a new windows install for a while :)

And how come it's so cold in May? We've ended up putting the heating on for a bit yesterday & today :/