May 7th, 2010

fink whiky

J's Birthday

So we had a General Election yesterday, but that's just an irrelevance ;) The important point about yesterday is that it was J's birthday :)

He took the day off work so we got up nice & late for him to open his presents - well, most of them anyway. One had almost been delivered at 7am on Wednesday morning, but the postman didn't "waste" much time trying to attract our attention, so we had to go to the Post Office to pick the parcel up. We did that in the afternoon - off to the PO, then back to vote, then out for a pint. A double purpose pint - we always go and have a drink after we've voted, it makes a fine excuse, but this time it was also a birthday pint :)

The vast majority of the rest of the day he spent (in effect) playing with his new toys, mostly God of War at the moment, but he also watched one of the films, and looked at the books - with a break for cake in the afternoon. The cake had nearly been a disaster - I made one which epically failed, disintegrated on the way out of the tin & the hot chocolate I'd used was not suitable. The bits are still nice to eat, mind you, but it wouldn't work as a birthday cake. Thankfully I had enough of all the ingredients to do a second one, with the cocoa I normally use, which was a much greater success.

And we did go out for dinner - all dressed up, even. We went to Trongs, a chinese restaurant in the centre of Ipswich & had lots of nice food :) Aromatic Crispy Duck for starter, and then Cantonese Honey Pork, Beef with Green Pepper & Black Beans and Hunan Chicken for main course. And a rather nice bottle of white wine with it :)

All in all, a good day :)

(And I've had such trouble stringing words together for this entry, we've got the election coverage from the bbc streaming and I find it hard to find my own words with other people's words in my ear. Particularly when the other people consist of the media being the media and politicians being politicians, in both their silence filling & asinine ways ;) )