July 23rd, 2010

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Books, Books, Books!

Managed to get sucked into a book this morning, so lunch was dead late as I figured I should still do the pre-lunch chores first ;) Just as well - I bumped the write-an-LJ-entry task off till after lunch then just thought I'd finish the book first ... So, four more books read since the last entry about books.

First up was "Honor of the Clan" by John Ringo & Julie Cochrane (book 24) - somethingth in the Posleen War books (which is actually called the Legacy of the Alldenata series). I got this out of the library & I think I've missed out on two along the way - I own the first 3 in dead tree & 4 more as Webscriptions, and I think there's another couple between the ones I've read & this one. Picked it up pretty quickly anyway, tho I suspect I will have missed out on some of the nuances. I think of these books as scratching the same itch as Tom Clancy books, only with space aliens in (and a better editor, they feel like much tighter books). The set up is that there's an alien invasion on the way & some other aliens come & offer tech etc to help humanity fight them off, in return for fighting them off in other places. Only nothing's what it seems & there's not really anything altruistic about any of it. And the story has a lot of people blowing shit up, which is always cool ;) This one is sometime after the initial conflict and we (and the characters) are still finding out more & more of what's really going on.

And while I was looking to see what I owned as a Webscription after I finished that book yesterday, I noticed that I had bought "The Hero" by John Ringo & Michael Z. Williamson (book 25) - it's set 1000 years after the rest of the series & I didn't at first remember reading it before but by a bit of the way in it did have that deja vu feeling of a re-read. But I suspect I'll end up forgetting it again, it doesn't feel memorable this time round either, tho fun enough at the time. I wasn't convinced about the amount of time that was supposed to have passed since the rest of the books, and really it only needed to be in the same universe coz they wanted a protagonist from one of the alien races. But it carried me along well enough to make me late going out to do the shopping, which was a terrible error coz I got caught in a rainstorm & soaked right through ;)

Yesterday evening & this morning/afternoon I read the next two in Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series ("Heat Stroke" and "Chill Factor", books 26 & 27). Hard to talk about anything in them without spoiling the first book - and even tho I'm fairly happy with spoilers in general I think half the fun of this series is the "wait, what?" of the twists :) And as a result I'm unlikely to buy these as I'm not sure they'll be as good on a re-read, but I shall reserve the next few from the library once I've finished typing this. Still fun to read now & a refreshingly different set of supernatural rules to other urban fantasy.
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