August 15th, 2010


Ruby's 30th Birthday Party

Yesterday was Nat's 30th birthday (Ruby from Snowplains), so we headed off to Letchworth for the bbq she was having to celebrate :) After dithering for a while J decided he might as well drive, coz that would take a bit less time & be more flexible, even if he meant he wasn't gonna have a drink while we were there. The journey turned out to be really straightforward on the way there - didn't get lost at all despite never having been to Ruby's house before. The way back was a little less easy - I missed one turn early on, which we fixed pretty easily, then the A11 was shut with no warning just where it should go round Newmarket ... the diversion was easy, but it was a bit disconcerting :)

It was a good party :) Very good food & well bbq-ed despite the best efforts of the weather ;) The gazebos and umbrellas Nat had borrowed meant we only had to retreat under them rather than inside when it started to pour with rain. Good company too - at first when we arrived it was mostly Nat's family, then later on others of her friends turned up (most of whom I didn't know, but Marcus & Cath came along - nice to see them as we haven't for quite a long time). Conversation mostly revolved around cats we have known (with Bob being centre of attention for a while, as was his due as the resident feline ;) ), and crappy DIY jobs we've found in houses we've bought ;) And how come no-one had pointed me & J at the Simon's Cat vids before?? Oh, and somehow along the way I consumed quite an incredible quantity of beer :)

We headed back home about 8, coz Ruby & most of the rest of her friends were going on clubbing. And once home there was more beer (no, I don't know where I put it, and I don't know how come I got off so lightly in the hangover department either), J watched the second half of the Day of the Triffids & I just chattered away slightly drunkenly at people online :)

A good day, hope Nat enjoyed her party too :)