August 21st, 2010


Busy! :)

Had a productive day yesterday, even despite getting distracted in the morning looking at the manual for the camera coz I'd forgotten various of the things one can make it do (it is pretty much a point-and-click camera, but in manual mode you can set some stuff yourself). I think I've even worked out how to do the focusing stuff I was having problems with when I last did a big batch of flower photos :)

But on the productivity side of things, I sorted out the airport parking for our holiday, even despite it trying to confuse me with more options than I'd expected. In the end I went for the same sort of thing as we did when we went to Egypt last year (even if it was a little more expensive) coz I knew how it worked - and the slightly cheaper option was valet parking and somehow I expect that to be expensive so it being ultra-cheap (relatively speaking) was a tad concerning, tho I'm sure it all works great ;)

And I got a room booked for the night before the flight, so we're not driving for 2hrs at, like, 3am. A bit startled to discover there were still cheap rooms available at such (relatively) short notice in the Travelodge that's right near Gatwick. But pleasantly startled - means I think parking plus night-before-flight room has come to a smidge over 100 quid, which is not bad.

And I tagged more of our Egypt photos - it's slow going coz there are just so many of them, but it's fun to look through them all again anyway :) Of course, tagging isn't actually getting us further towards getting some of them online - it's kinda tangential. J & I still need to sit down and sift through them at some point (and I've still got about half his diary entries to type up). But we'll get there :)