August 22nd, 2010


Museum Trip & Camera Woes

Yesterday was a bit of a day of ups & downs. Started pretty crappy as the council are doing major roadworks all around the local area & they picked 8am to start drilling up the road opposite our house & we hadn't planned to get up till 10am :/ Particularly annoying as about 5 minutes after we gave in & got up they stopped for an hour's tea break. Oh well.

It meant we were up in time to have lunch in town though, instead of doing the town trip a bit later. We tried a cafe we keep walking past on the way in, but have never been to before - think it's called Cafe Basso, possibly. Ended up quite an expensive lunch coz we ate & drank quite a bit, 2 toasted sandwich type things, salad, 2 pieces of cake plus 3 coffees, a bottle of water & and orange juice. Very nice though, gonna go there again I think :)

And then off to the museum again, via WHSmiths where J bought me a birthday & anniversary card (the actual point of the trip, he otherwise wouldn't get a chance to buy them before the events themselves). We spent quite a bit of time in the second room of the Egyptian gallery - the one about death, with the coffins & mummy masks in them. It was very quiet, I think we had the room to ourselves most of the time, and we had a chance to have a really good look at the coffin. I took a bunch of pics, trying things with the settings (but see later :/ ) and a few more of the stuffed animals downstairs. We also picked up a little book they had about the objects in the Museum (although I think it didn't include the new acquisitions).

Then we pottered around a shop or two on our way back through town - spotting that HMV have the limited edition version of The Beatles Rock Band for £69.99 at the moment, which we immediately rang Jo to tell her about. Incidentally, if you've been thinking about buying it, that's a bargain price & looked to us like they might be clearing out the stock before RB3 lands. It's the set with the RB2 type instruments branded for the Beatles game, so they're the fancier ones.

And popped into the Dove for a drink on the way back. Mmm, beer :)

Unfortunately, when we got home & tried to get the pictures off the camera it flung a fit :/ Even the card reader wouldn't read the card, so we lost all the pics we'd taken at the museum (and a couple of cat ones I'd taken of him in a too-small shoebox). :( It's not like they were important and/or irreplaceable photos - the museum will still be there, the cat will sit in boxes another time. But now we're feeling paranoid. We'd ordered a new card for the camera anyway, after the weird glitch we had at Ruby's party last weekend, so once that arrives we just have to cross our fingers & hope it isn't the camera that's been the problem, just a dodgy card (it wasn't an expensive brand - Transcend - so it may well be the card).

The other thing we've done (whilst out this morning buying a B:RB set for Jo coz she can't get to an HMV soon enough to be sure she can buy one herself) is buy a cheaper and smaller camera - a Nikon Coolpix S203 plus a spare battery for it & another 8Gb SDHC card, from Jessops coz they had the camera half price. We'd been dithering about getting a little camera that we wouldn't mind taking to gigs, would fit in a pocket. So this seemed the time to do it, coz then we'd have a backup camera for our holiday. It's certainly a tiny camera, just gotta take a bunch of pics see if it's OK :)