September 27th, 2010

fink whiky

Games :)

A day of games! And a few chores while J was out judging at a karate grading, but mostly it was a Sunday of gaming. Civ V first - and I solved my inability to save to the local drive (had to edit the config.ini as detailed here, which is weird, maybe it's coz my steam install isn't where they "expect"?). Actually got a game up to ~1300AD now, I'm playing as Montezuma (still on Warlord) at the moment and just gearing up my little 4 city empire to go kick some American arse. There's 4 AI's on my continent, and three of them are off to my north getting on each other's nerves with Washington isolated from them at the moment because I've got him blocked off by my cultural area plus units. So hopefully I can just deal with him with my longswords & trebuchets and a couple of musketmen & no-one else will mind ;) And then settle down and aim for a spaceship, I think. 8 cities, and retrench my military along my northern border mostly and hopefully don't have to worry about the other continent much.

Then we played some Rock Band 2 - we bought the Bob Marley album they had as DLC (Legend - it's a greatest hits, I think) and a Smiths song. So we played through those (Legend is pretty different to the other stuff we have, in feel, which is neat). And then a few more tracks just coz :) So looking forward to Rock Band 3 now - both coz it'll give a new career mode/game to play through with a bunch of new tracks, and because of the pro-guitar mode. The latter being both exciting, and somewhat intimidating - I think there's a long learning curve there.

And the evening was spent on L4D, as you might imagine. I'd been saying the other day we needed some new maps, so dnky found me 3 or 4 to put on the server & we played a bit of one of them last night. Loosely based on the Crash Bandicoot games, so boxes to shoot to find ammo or other stuff in that are styled like the Crash games, same (or similar) music. Kinda funny. And also a puzzle type map - the second level started with having to shoot three "boss monster" type things, and a bit later had a "find 2 platforms" to open the saferoom (we think, we didn't get past that one). I'd thought from the description that it was gonna be way too gimmicky for words, but it was actually just on the right side of the line for me - enough zombies to shoot that the puzzles were a fun addition, rather than an irritation.