October 2nd, 2010


What Passes for Excitement on Our Street

The roadworks around about our bit of town continue in a fairly haphazard sort of way - they've put a crossing plus lights in at the junction up the road. While doing that they totally replaced the pavement across from us, and did a strip of the road next to the kerb. And vanished for a week or two. Then they did about half of our side of the street. And vanished for a week. Then took out the dipped kerb outside our house & put proper paving slabs in instead of re-concreting it (which is cool, looks a lot better now). Then went away for a bit more. And now they've finally done the strip of road next to the kerb on our side. And blocked up the end of our gutter drain while they were at it :/ Rang up the County Council yesterday, who passed it on to the man in charge of the whole set of works, who rang me up to tell me he was going to email the person at the Borough Council who's in charge of the men who actually did the work. And someone should be out to fix it early next week ... I wish they'd got that unitary council status then it might not be getting passed around so much ;)

He said something about how the drain shouldn't really be that way, but it was "historical" ... all the houses up & down the street started out like that although some have altered their guttering to just drain onto the pavement. Which I think is worse than running out onto the road itself. But then I'm a pedestrian not a driver, so maybe I'm biased ;) Anyway, I think they'll just fix the actual problem (hopefully) but hey, if they want to pay for re-routing our guttering drain, they can ;)

More street related excitement later in the day as well - when I got up from the computer to start cooking dinner I noticed blue flashy lights outside, so went & peered out the front window. 3 (three!) fire engines & a police car attending to a house opposite us :o From the (very brief) stories on the local paper website it seems there was a fire in one of the bedrooms which was put out quite promptly - no injuries to anyone, fortunately. I'm still a bit disconcerted by there being quite so many fire engines, tho. And I'm sure it was no coincidence that we got leafleted with fire-safety info this morning.
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