October 6th, 2010



Drain got "fixed", in that someone in a high-vis jacket came & scraped at the tarmac with a stick a bit till it wasn't quite covered over. I had been expecting something better but this is only the first stage of the resurfacing of the road, so maybe there's no point till it's finished? Or maybe this is just how it is. I did go & put a bucket of water out of the bedroom window into the bay window guttering to check it drained through (which it does) so it's certainly a sufficient fix, just a trifle inelegant ;)

Didn't half feel silly doing that tho, no matter how I tried to wait for a gap where there were no pedestrians I inevitably ended up with some people giving me odd looks ;)

All my routines have been a bit disrupted since midweek last week, waiting on a delivery for J where we didn't know quite when it would arrive, but it wouldn't fit through the door. Finally arrived at oh-god-early yesterday morning, so he's been listening to John Lennon music ever since (it was the new fancy box set that's just been released). Still despite that, sorted out a bunch of bits & pieces the last few days too, like presents for people (including my nephew's 2nd birthday). And just now remembered the electoral register form needed to be dealt with, that was nearly an oops (had another 9 days, but still).

New DLC for L4D hit last night - new campaign. Only got to see the first level for it in the end tho, coz between the download servers being hammered so I wasn't even maxing out my pitiful bandwidth with the download, a steam client update that removed the ability to connect (delete ClientRegistry.blob & it fixes itself, which often seems to be the steam equivalent of "reboot & see if it fixes it") and my l4d server failing to restart after the update, it was quite late by the time I got to start playing. Still, nice to have a little more official L4D & so far seems like quite a cool map. Shame I couldn't play more tho, coz I think that's no zombies till Saturday or possibly Sunday even (all fun stuff getting in the way, just no zombies! :o )