October 13th, 2010


Advertising Bogglement

I generally glance at the random junk mail that comes through the door before flinging it out & my normal eyeroll at the Virgin Media promo-rubbish got an extra level of boggle yesterday. The bit I always roll my eyes at is the "pay only this amount providing you also pay us this other amount" ... I know how they get away with that, I know what it means, but it still strikes me as not quite right - the price is actually the sum of the two, not the first number.

But then I noticed they do a compare & contrast for how much it would cost you if you bought it the bits separately from other companies - nearly twice as much as the 'headline' price *gasp* Except ... this'll be easier to do with the numbers: VM = £29 for tv/broadband/mobile + £11.99 for landline. "Other" = £57.28 but not including mobile. But their "other" list is: BT broadband (£24.99), BT phone line(£13.29) + free w/e calls, Sky TV(£19) which includes broadband and phone (with unlimited uk evening/weekend calls). Yeah, they have you priced to buy your broadband and phone twice over in that list. *boggle* Oh and if you wanted the free landline evening/weekend calls from VM? You have to pay more. How in any world is that a fair comparison? I mean, yes if you look at the package then the mobile might swing it, there may be more restrictions on the sky broadband or more channels on VM TV. But it looks to me like the actual comparison is £40.99 for VM bundle (with no free landline calls - getting the inclusive calls takes you up to £44.44) vs. £30 for Sky (including some calls and paying them line rental not BT, or £37.50 if you want unlimited broadband). So that's what, between £4 & £15 for a mobile contract that's got no data? It's better (more texts, same minutes) than my cheapskate O2 contract for £10, but I don't get the impression most of the world is happy with the lowest level of contract for mobiles. So maybe you'll squeak some savings, depending on your current mobile contract & usage? Not quite the "gee wow look at how much money I've saved" that I think they tried to convey ;)

(Just in case of misunderstanding - no, we're not buying any of this, we're happy with our ISP/phone line/mobile and have no intention of paying for any TV, this was purely a thought exercise coz it made me boggle yesterday and I'm sad enough to check the BT & Sky websites & run the numbers :) And the only other thing that it crossed my mind to write about was upgrading the firmware on our router, which went smoothly & didn't change what I'd hoped it would change, so there's nowt to say there really.)
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