November 3rd, 2010

fink whiky


Large chunks of time have been eaten up by Rock Band 3 since the game arrived on Thursday ... so much that I was seeing note tracks behind my eyes last night when I was going to sleep! Finally got the RB2 song export sorted out this morning, so now we have 447 tracks (and counting, I think there's a lot of DLC we'll want on the way). That should keep us going for a while ;) Still liking the changed dynamic of the game - Rock Band has always been a game I've played for the fun of "playing" the songs so having everything available right from the start means there's never a point where I think I "should" play a song coz otherwise it won't unlock something-or-other. My only niggles with the game so far are that there's some weirdness around the leaderboards - J doesn't see anyone but himself & P in the "friends" view, I see me, J, P & A ... and that just doesn't make sense. There's also been some sloppy QA - at the end of a song it'll tell you you're in the top N% of the leaderboard, but if you go & look then you're actually in the top (100-N)%. Which is a bit shoddy, someone should've noticed that. Still, fun game, mustn't play too much & wreck my hands tho ;)

Managed to do a bit of the domestic goddess thing as well yesterday - made stock from the remains of Sunday's duck roast. And used up the last of the previous batch of stock making soup for dinner too. Even tho making stock is easy (being mostly put-stuff-in-water-leave-cooking) it somehow seems like an achievement to have done it, like being a proper cook ;) And it's soup time of year again, much nicer for lunch when it's a bit colder.

The busy of November hasn't quite hit yet, but we're just sorting out yet another weekend away, so it's starting to ramp up. And some point soon I have to work out what we're doing when over Christmas & book the cat in the cattery for that. I hate having to think about Christmas this soon, but it's got to be done (as does checking over the Christmas card list & working out how many cards to buy & if I've got all the addresses I need - once again I was thinking about making cards, but I think I've left it a bit late, we'll see).