November 21st, 2010

fink whiky

Visiting People!

Went out to A&P's yesterday - Gordon & Avi were down from Edinburgh visiting them & we and Jacqui & Stu were invited to come along and see them. It was an afternoon/evening full of PS3 games, unsuprisingly :) We brought our move controllers/games along with us, to demo them for A's benefit mostly. Although it also worked on Stu - who got quite into the sword fighting, enough to announce it should be on his Christmas list ;) The Tumble demo also went down fairly well, tho I'm not sure how much A enjoyed all the "help" from all the rest of us as he tried to play it ;)

We also played loads of RB3, sticking to songs with keyboards so that we had the most people playing at once as possible. We swapped round a lot, it's odd how people segregate to different instruments tho - I Don't Do Drums (or, indeed, sing when sober), other people Don't Do Keys or guitar or whatever. But we had two or three for each thing so could swap round as people's hands gave up the ghost ;) We had no fail on after a while, so you didn't have to worry about what difficulty level you picked - so I ended the evening flailing around on expert keys on some of the harder keys songs. We also did Freebird at one point, it'll be a while before I can survive that on expert guitar without no fail ;)

And P cooked us tasty tasty dinner, followed by tasty tasty cake (obviously there was cake, this was at A&P's house ;) ). And there were doughnuts, and beer, and coffee, and hot chocolate. Many tasty things :)

The drive back was less tasty tho, the fog had closed in a bit since the drive out. But it was a good day :) Nice to see everyone, don't think we've seen Gordon & Avi or Stu & Jacqui since Ellen last visited, which was a while ago ...