December 5th, 2010


Decisions Decisions

And I did indeed buy a camera yesterday. Got the Nikon D3100 in the end. At first it seemed like there were no killer features to distinguish between the Canon & the Nikon at the price point I was looking at, but then it turned out that the Canon didn't come with an image stabilised lens and the Nikon did. So as I've got used to image stabilisation on the compacts we have I picked the Nikon. Still fretting a bit about if I made the right choice - but as J says, there's no "wrong" choice, which is kinda what was making the decision difficult. I liked both, both felt OK to use, so hard to choose.

Gonna charge up the battery & check the thing works tomorrow or sometime early in the week, but then after that it goes back in its box to sleep until Christmas day. So I've got a shiny new toy and I can't play with it! *twitch* *twitch* I'd check it all worked today, but we're off out soonish & I think there's not actually time to charge up the battery before we go, now. So it may as well wait.