December 7th, 2010



Finished a couple of books recently, neither of which I have all that much to say about so they can share a post.

Book 49 was "Unholy Magic" by Stacia Kane - second in a series (reviewed the first one here). Can't really say much without spoilers tho - still enjoying it, both the world and the characters. Chess has hit rock bottom in this one I think, so interesting to see where it goes next with her. I realised partway through that it was making me think of C. J. Cherryh's Alliance/Union books, because the slang has that same feel of "right" to it (ie not our slang but plausible) and there's some of the same flavour to it (but I can't articulate what I mean here - and it's not a particularly strong connection). I should read those again.

Book 50 was "The Tenth Chamber" by Glenn Cooper - I read a couple of books by him back in July, which were great fun so when I saw this one in the library I picked it up. It's not in the same world/series as the previous two, but it's still a conspiracy theory type thriller. Unfortunately this time I found it a bit disappointing, I didn't think the modern day thriller side of it was as well done - there were secret government agencies involved (French ones, this time) but it felt like they were there because that was one of the ingredients he felt he had to have, not for any convincing in-story reason. Which is a shame, because the rest of it worked I think, and would've been better without that distracting sub-plot. Unless he gets a new formula for later books I'm not sure how many I'd like to read by him - I think they'll start to feel pretty samey pretty quick on the evidence of this one.
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