January 9th, 2011



I've got plans to post a great big round-up post of 2010, having made it a whole year with updates nearly every year, but it's taking me longer to put it together than I'd expected, so it might be a while before that sees the light of day. It's interesting looking back at stuff to write it, tho (and god knows it'll end up mostly for my own benefit, I suspect it'll be a bit tl;dr for everyone else ;) ). I think at the beginning of the year I spent a lot more time just wittering on randomly, and over the year it evolved into more structured posts more often - which is both good & bad, looking back at some of the incidental throw-away ones is interesting (for me) coz one forgets the little bits and pieces. Like the rabbit in the garden (repeatedly) at the beginning of the year, which I'd forgotten about till I was reminded. So maybe there should be more random witterings too? But possibly less chat about the minutiae of Left 4 Dead, which isn't even interesting for me after the fact, even tho I play it obsessively & enjoy it ;)

The change of calendar year is an excuse for resolutions and changing habits - I don't really do "resolutions" as a formal type thing, but the break of routine over Christmas does make it a convenient fresh start. I'm trying to start up some smallish habits of "15 min of X per weekday", with the thought that if you do a little often then it all adds up. So 15 minutes of tidying, which I attempt to kickstart every once in a while, and it has already got the living room/dining room looking a bit more respectable (I keep a clean house, but not a particularly tidy one). Hopefully keep that up, this time, maybe? Also 15 minutes of the challenge mode for the sword fighting bit of Sports Champions. Well, I say 15 mins, I mean 2 gos. I don't think it's really enough to count as exercise per se, but a little bit of aerobic activity every day or so is a Good Thing and given the way it makes my muscles ache it's a long overdue Good Thing ;) And 15 mins of pro bass practice on Rock Band 3 - again 15 mins is a loose interpretation, I'm playing one song I've already got a score on Expert for twice as warm-up, followed by some of the lessons (how many depends how much I'm struggling, it took me days to get past the octaves intervals one I was doing then I did 4 sections in a row the day after coz they were easier for me), followed by a song I don't already have an Expert score for twice. The plan is to work at the low tier songs till I've got respectable scores for all of them - ie the ones I find easier I should gold star, the ones I find harder I'll aim for 5 stars, and the (at least) one that's a total and utter pig I'll settle for a score on Expert. Then move onto the next tier of songs.