January 15th, 2011

fink whiky


I did at least get one bit of consumerism done for the week, even if I didn't buy any of the things I was dithering about. But food processor that looked adequate & sufficiently cheap came back into stock at amazon, so I bought it. So some point after next weekend I can try some of the recipes/meals in the Jamie Oliver book. I've kinda decided to try & cook something new each weekend, which had an inauspicious start last w/e with a recipe for grilled peppers & pasta that a) suffered coz a George Foreman grill wasn't a good replacement for a real grill and b) got a bit too one-note (it was mostly peppers, balsamic vinegar & paprika) by the end of the meal. I think J liked it more than me, but even he thought it got a bit much. It'd maybe work as a side-dish for something (tho I'd also have to properly grill the peppers so they'd be skinable). Last night I made a Moroccan lamb dish - we spotted a spice mix in Tescos last week & I did the recipe off the side of the jar. Verdict: a bit too spicy, drop from 6 -> 4 teaspoons. And the couscous was uninspiring - I just cooked it plain, like the packet instructions said (this is the second time ever I've cooked couscous). Maybe it needed something in it? But it was supposed to be the plain base for the meal so it shouldn't need to be fancified, maybe it's just an acquired taste.

I haven't really managed much (ie any) swordfighting stuff this week - I managed to do something to my back over the weekend and spent most of Monday squeaking when I moved incautiously so decided flailing around with a fake sword would be a Bad Idea. Not quite sure what I did tho :/ Probably a combination of it being tired from fake-swords, then slipping over at Furry (I have a nice bruise on my knee too ... those boots weren't really the wisest choice, they're a bit slippy at the best of times) and then lugging a couple of 20kg bags of cat litter from the front to the back of the house. Getting better now tho :) Bit of a shame to try & kickstart a habit then fail in week 2, I shall just have to get back to it next week :)

Didn't do very much pro-bass stuff either, for similar reasons - holding my left arm in the right place to press the buttons was quite sore, so I didn't for a few days. I've made it up to having a score for all the easiest tier songs on medium difficulty or higher, now. Still not gold-starred anything, but it feels like it just needs it to come together once on a couple of the tracks, so I'm getting there :) I also did a bit of singing, drumming & keyboards over the week, so covered all my not-normal instruments ... I'm finding the pro-drums surprisingly fun, I never played the drums much in the previous games, but I'm enjoying it more this time round.