January 6th, 2012


Electricity, Dentists and Re-organisation, oh my!

Woke up yesterday to a few power blips - I guess related to the high winds. Didn't actually affect us all that much, but it made the microwave complain and the lights flicker. (And I discovered that the microwave clock resets to 1:00am, which just seems Wrong. Everything should reset to 00:00!!).

So nothing major, but when we got to the dentists for our checkups we discovered those same little power problems had taken out the computer system there. I rather hope they have proper backups ;) They still did our checkups, but weren't doing any major work - all the notes on things like which teeth people were having extracted or whatever were on the computer system. And as my dentist put it (in conversation with the dental nurse as they peered at my teeth) she "wasn't risking having a computer problem finish her dental career". I gather the receptionist didn't want to ring round to cancel people's appointments till the big boss had given his OK (he was at the other practice). Obviously they couldn't make other appointments either, so I need to ring back today & book an appointment for the fillings I need :/ (ETA: And apparently their computer systems still aren't back up, I really hope they have backups!)

The power stuff did also remind us that we still had some of the electronics on the TV half of the room not on a surge-protected powerstrip. So on the way home from the dentist I picked up a couple of individually switched surge-protected 6-ways to replace the existing 4-ways, and now we actually have the entire hi-fi plugged in for the first time in a while (missing were the tape deck and the record deck), and I managed to find space for the secondary router over there (the main router has the main PCs on it each with individual IPs, the secondary one has one of those IPs and runs NAT coz we've run out of IP address for all our stuff and does wifi for phones etc). Next all I need is two short network cables and then we can have the PVR plugged into the network too (for iplayer on it) - well, one cable to replace the too long one between the two routers, and one for the PVR.

And that was my thrilling day yesterday ;) I shot things/people all evening to make up for it! Including successfully knifing someone, which kinda made my evening (simple things ...). Er, this is in Battlefield 3 in case you were concerned ;)