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I'm sure at some point yesterday I thought of something entertaining and/or interesting to write about this morning, but it's gone now. Most of the day was spent on housework type things, tho I fitted in a few games of Super Stardust in the afternoon :) And we had takeaway in the evening as J was feeling like a treat after being ill for a week - then he listened to/watched his Kraftwerk DVD while I played a bit of q4 till my brain died & read my book.

Just finished "Creation in Death" by J.D. Robb (well, Nora Roberts writing as ... ) - I quite like this series, futuristic cop stories set in about 50 years time. I suspect the sci-fi elements wouldn't stand up to much scrutiny of the how-did-we-get-there-from-here sort, but they work & the world feels real. Nicely gruesome set of serial killings to be investigated, the ending was somewhat predictable, but fun overall.

And then I spent an hour coughing when I went to bed, so that's made for less sleep than I would've liked ...
Tags: books, games, health, house, ps3
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