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Yesterday was Pancake Day! We generally invite Ed over for pancakes (and copious quantities of alcohol), but as we were both still suffering the lingering aftereffects of the lurgy we decided to give that a miss this year - we'll invite him some other time (and maybe have panckes then, too!).

I think sensible people have a range of fillings in their pancakes - you know, including some savoury ones, so there's some actual nutritional content to the meal. We don't. I stick to traditional lemon & sugar, J has that or golden syrup. Not the most healthy of meals (and definitely lacking in the veg department ;) ), but oh so good :D

The final remains of the fall out from our phone problems has now been sorted out - interleaving had been automatically turned on on our ADSL (tho the pings hadn't actually noticeably gone up), so now we actually had a working phone line I contacted Zen & got them to turn it off. And now we've got pings ~10ms lower than they were before. So changing the phone line has improved latency, but worsened the bandwidth. All in all, though it's much better to have a line that actually works and we don't actually need all that bandwidth anyway ;)

So clearly I just had to spend all evening playing q4 to test it out. I mean that's just the obvious thing to do, isn't it? ;) Tbh, not that much difference, took a few games to get the feel for it (I don't aim by thinking about it, so when something changes my prediction is off somewhat).
Tags: adsl, computer, food, games, health
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