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Spent most of the afternoon shooting rocks1, with a small pause to ban someone with an offensive nick on one of the jolt servers. Then spent a chunk of the evening shooting people2, with a longer pause to watch Torchwood.

Frankly, I should've shot people all evening, coz Torchwood was pap. I think that may've been the worst episode ever. I know it's all pretty trashy, but this really was dreadful. It's a shame, as last week's was rather good, but this week all the angsty-relationship stuff was by far the best part of the storyline & I don't like the angsty-relationship crap ;) I'm definitely gonna stick the show out past the Martha episodes, coz it may tie into Dr Who but we'll see after that. It doesn't need to get good tho, I'll freely admit to liking most of it even tho it's trash, but better than this.

1. Super Stardust HD on the PS3 - apparently it's a bit like Asteroids wrapped round a 3D sphere, I never played that tho. Shoot stuff, collect power-ups, try not to die.

2. Quake 4, obviously.
Tags: computer, games, ps3, quake 4, super stardust, torchwood, tv
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