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J had the afternoon off yesterday, for no particular reason other than having time off to use up before it resets in April. So we headed off for lunch at the Maybush, which is a rather nice pub on the banks of the river Deben. I was briefly tempted by the pot roasted partridge, but it was fish & chips I was really in the mood for (no, it's not the only thing I ever have for lunch in a pub, but I guess it's pretty close ;) ). We should go there more often - the years of not having a car have made it feel rather far away, but really it's not.

On the way home we stopped in at Bennets and looked at the large shiny tvs. We're still not quite at the point of actually wanting to buy one, but we're beginning to organise our criteria (must do 1080p HD, probaby 40" or so). And they're nice to drool over. On the more practical side, we nearly replaced our kettle (which is getting a bit long in the tooth - the plastic of the lid is beginning to smell odd when the kettle boils), but the available kettles weren't that nice (some of them didn't even show you how much water was in there unless you lifted the lid & looked!). Apparently I need to find out where we can buy a see-through kettle ...

We also went to the tip & got rid of the old (artificial) xmas tree & some random pc bits. But that was less exciting than the shop full of tellies ;)

As there wasn't a reason for the afternoon off the rest of the time was spent playing games - J stomped hard all over his previous Super Stardust high score, I played a lot of q4. The usual sorts of things. We also looked at a demo of Turok, but apart from the initial "oooh, dinosaurs" reaction, we weren't that impressed, demo deleted already.
Tags: food, games, ps3, tvs
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