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Cooked something else new for dinner last night from my chinese cookery book - I think I've pretty much run out of dishes that look edible (or cookable) now. There's loads of things with fish/seafood or kidney or liver, but none of those appeal at all. And there's some things that look like they might be nice but involve buying a steamer.

And unusually for mid-week we shared a bottle of wine with dinner, as it was Valentine's Day :) And had a creme egg each (mine was dessert, but J's was a starter).

It was also PSN Thursday, and the game J's been waiting for for months finally showed up in the PSN store - Everyday Shooter. It's in the same genre as Super Stardust HD, but it's a lot less arcadey in feel. We also bought LocoRoco Cocoreccho, which is just insane & cute in the way that only Japanese games ever are. You're a butterfly and you guide little singing blobby things round a map, waking up sleeping ones. When you have enough you catch them all in a gate & it opens and you move on to the next level. It's more trippy than that sounds and disgustingly cute :)

J played Everyday Shooter pretty much all night, and I was theoretically going to be playing some tdm. But that fell through rather :/ Up until late Weds night we had 3, but then one remembered it was Valentine's so we only had 2. Then about 15 minutes after we were supposed to have played we very briefly looked like we might have 4, but the other guys had got fed up and gone to do other things, so we still didn't get a game. Slightly irritating really.
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