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The cat's hunting season seems to've begun a little early this year, and a little more ambitiously than most years! I was sitting on a beanbag in front of the telly playing loco-thingy yesterday afternoon when the cat came & sat right next to me meowing. I looked round and he had a dead bird in his mouth! He nearly put it in my lap, but I managed to encourage him to put it in the kitchen on the laminate floor instead (thankfully) and promptly put a bucket over it while I worked out how I was gonna get it out. The cat went nuts - dashing round the house looking for the bird and wondering what had happened to it - he's not the brightest of beasts so despite having seen me actually put the bucket there he still didn't know ;) Left it outside with the bucket over it coz J said he'd bury it when he got home so the cat didn't bring it back in again, but in the end it was dark & cold when he got back so he just chucked it behind the shed, hopefully the cat won't find it this morning ;) Quite a small bird, I'd thought it might be a baby, but J said he thought it was maybe just a small adult - stupid, whatever it was, coz the cat has a bell on his collar & isn't exactly camoflaged being Bright Orange.

After all that excitement I spent a large chunk of the rest of the day looking at parish records again. No overlap in baptisms between the two parishes, so I think it's plausible they're the same family. And I found the marriage for the parents in Penshaw (and no other marriage in Houghton le Spring) for more confirmation - they got married about a month before their first child was born. Carried on looking after 1815 for more children, too - they seem to've had a child about every 2 years from 1806 till at least 1820 (I've only got as far as 1821 so far), although I've spotted a couple of burials for their children too so not all made it to adulthood, both the ones I've seen so far were in 1818 - one the baby boy that was baptised earlier that year, and the other their 10 year old daughter. Which is also confirmation to some extent that this is the same family - as Bridget Patterson (b. 1808) was baptised in Penshaw and buried in Houghton le Spring in 1818, there's no 'other' Bridget baptised in Houghton so this is presumably the same girl, thus the same family.
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