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Another day, more reading of the Bishops' Transcripts. Got a probable burial for the father of the oldest generation in 1838, and that gives an age, thus a potential birth date of 1785. Now just got to find that baptism and hopefully that'll get me another generation back. I suspect that there's where I'll stick, as the Bishops' Transcripts only go back to 1762 (in Houghton le Spring & Penshaw at least, I'm not sure if that's generally true) - so we may squeak in another generation, but we may not, depends how close to eldest child he is. Nicely the transcripts available for Houghton le Spring overlap with the census years so I've got baptisms for people I knew existed already, and can work the other way and find families in the census that I've got from the transcripts (which helps with getting ages for married couples - the marriage records give the two names & that's about it).
Tags: family, genealogy

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