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We had a weekend :) It mostly consisted of lots of computer games, some cake, some other tasty foods and lots of beer. Yesterday it was heavily skewed towards the Beer! end of the spectrum. We headed out to the pub in the afternoon - original plan was to go to The Lord Nelson for a pint, then on to the Dove for another. But the Nelson was shut (which I've a vague feeling we've discovered before on a Sunday afternoon), so we just had a few pints in the Dove instead. Followed by more beer once we were home :)

J played Burnout Paradise almost all of the rest of the time (when he wasn't at karate), including finally getting some online stuff working with marble. I played q4 quite a bit, but also cooked food (including roast duck for Sunday lunch) & cake (Ellen's Apple Spice cake recipe). And read books. And drank beer (or did I mention that already? ;) ). And chattered at people on irc (the problem with the scroll-back for context in xchat is that I get to see the following morning that I'm not as funny as I think I am rather than getting to remain in blissful ignorance ;) ).

But, a good weekend. Now if only I could have another one to get some sleep & recover ;)
Tags: beer, cooking, food, ps3, quake 4
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