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I had a lot less of a hangover than I deserved yesterday, but still just enough to make me slow moving when it came to actually getting off my backside & actually doing things. I did however manage to get everything done, but I was still cleaning the kitchen when my mother rang at ~6pm ;) Was nice to have a chat to her, we hadn't spoken for a while. Not that either of us really had much news, but still. The main bit of news is that my aunt is on the mend, having been seriously ill in hospital since late November - she's still not out, but she's moving back to the local hospital soon & they're talking about how long she'll be convalescing (which is a good sign given there was a decent period where the outlook was a lot more gloomy). Oh, and my mother bumped into one of my old school friends the other day - Hannah, who has apparently recently sprogged & moved back to Oxford (not sure how recent that was).

Other than chores (and phone call) I mostly shot rocks & shot people, I bet you're surprised to hear ;) I beat my high score on SSHD again - 25 million now, and beat the third planet (of five).
Tags: family, games, ps3, sshd
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