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Oops, that was a week or so :/

I kinda screwed my right hand up with that day full of computer games - well, it was screwed up a day or two before that, and was why I wasn't sleeping well I think, but that made it worse. Ring finger seizes up if I keep it still for too long (like overnight) and is then painful to move when I next move it. I think it's because I grip the ps3 controller too hard when I'm playing SSHD, so I've backed off on that for the last week & the finger's gradually getting better. But at its worst I was waking up coz I moved my finger :/ We're really not well designed for heavy computer/games console use are we? Evolution should've known and planned things better! ;)

I've still been playing q4 tho. Not that that should be much of a surprise ;) Mouse use doesn't seem to upset the finger (oddly, as I have jump on the right mouse button so it gets a work out, but it doesn't make it hurt). And I now have the instructions for rebooting the jolt servers (kleeks finally got fed up with getting summoned to reboot them ;) ). I could probably have worked out the linux one myself, but the thought of just poking about on a live system & using trial & error is kinda scary ;) And anyway, I had no idea how to do the windows one. Had a poke around the servers this morning & tried rebooting a couple, and it all seemed to work \o/

And we traded in a bunch of old PS2 games we were never gonna play again & picked up Ico (for J) and Final Fantasy XII (for me). We'd dithered about getting GHIII for PS3, but weren't entirely comfortable with the idea of a second hand guitar peripheral, even with warranty, coz if it didn't work it'd be a faff. And even less keen now - coz the FFXII disc was screwed up so I had to get it replaced and Ico is all scratched (tho it plays, but still that's not reassuring for their quality checking). Taking it easy with the FFXII playing though, coz of the finger ...

And there's been non-gaming related things too! Hit brick walls with all the bits of the Patterson family I was tracing, the women they marry seem elusive. Something to return to later. I've now started poking a bit more at the Storeys etc (J's grandma's mother's people) which is jumping about a bit, but J's Great Aunt Phyl is interested in anything we can find out about them. Back to blatting through census data - made easier because we know some of the places. I've done a whole bunch of searches, but now what I need to do is get that data into the database & see what certificates I need to push back a bit further (then back to bishops' transcripts, they're still Diocese of Durham people). I see a large (and expensive) GRO order in my future - 3 death certs from the Patterson side, one more birth cert from that side to double check a maiden name, plus whatever I need from the Storeys.

Hmm, what else? Cat had a vet trip for his booster vaccinations & checkup. Daft beast has acne on his chin, so we need to wash his chin with soapy water - fun for all the family ;) Vet also suggested replacing his water & food bowls with stainless steel ones. We got a new water one yesterday (too small for a food bowl, so we still need to find one of them) and the cat acted like a spaceship had landed. I'd not thought he'd get that freaked out - maybe because he could see his reflection? or maybe just because he's weird ;)

Oh, and we went to see U2 3D yesterday which was really cool. It was a good concert film to watch anyway and the 3D was both neat and well done :)

And now I should really go & get on with stuff!
Tags: cat, computer, family, games, genealogy, health, jolt, ps3, quake 4, sshd
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