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Another weekend of games & genealogy. I got all the data into the database about the Storeys & Gibsons that I've tracked down so far, and did some more searches to get a complete set of census data for the people I'd already found. It looks like there were Gibsons living at Widdy Bank at least from 1841 through to 1901, and further back too (although I've not properly looked at the bishops' transcripts yet). I'm going to pause with them until the certificates I've ordered arrive - Thomas Storey & Jane Gibson's marriage certificate should confirm their father's names to check I've found the right ones. I'm also getting Thomas Storey's birth certificate, to get his mother's maiden name, so that I can find his parents' marriage and get their fathers' names. I need that to go further back as I think Thomas Storey's father is called John and there seem to be a few John Storeys of roughly the right age in the right area, and it's not helped because he's vague about his birthplace in the census returns I've seen (Cumberland, England doesn't narrow things down much ... ). I'm also getting 3 Patterson death certificates, and I see looking at my last LJ entry that I'd forgotten I wanted a Patterson birth certificate too, to check if Margaret Oxley is, in fact, Margaret Oxley. Ah well, I shall order that in with the next batch as I'm sure there'll be more :)

And now I should go & get on with things - I have to go into town despite the cacky weather as I need to post my sister-in-law's birthday present. This is the start of the busy bit of the year for birthdays - 6 in a little over 2 months. After that I get a whole month off before having to think of another pressie ;) I just wish I'd slept better last night as then I'd have a trifle more enthusiasm for the day!
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