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Looks like the people across the road are having bigger electricity woes than we did - either they didn't come back when the power came back or something else went wrong, as there were big electricity vans outside the house & they dug a couple of holes in the pavement. Which are still there, as they packed up about 4pm yesterday & haven't yet returned ... suspect they haven't fixed it yet, whatever it is.

I spent most of the afternoon (and bits of Tuesday & Monday, too) drawing family trees for the data we've got in the database - I've done several trees now, and hopefully I've got it sorted out so they're modular enough to expand with minimal effort when I get new information. This one is the very top of the Patterson line so far - it's interesting to see that I've got slightly more precise dates for these people than I do further down the tree, because the info one gets from the censuses about age and marriage dates is a lot more vague than in the bishops' transcripts (which are about those dates). But in other senses I have more information about the people who live to the censuses, as I have addresses for them and I have occupations for them covering more than just their child-bearing years.

Watched Torchwood in the evening - the last few have been quite good, still requiring handwaving & ignoring of plotholes, but quite good nonetheless. Last night's was dreck. Unlike the last bad one though it was at least funny in places, but I'm not really fond of farce at the best of times & when you spend most of the show going "but what about ... ?" it leaves only the farcical elements to enjoy, which I don't, so much. I'm looking forward to Doctor Who starting again (which must be relatively soon, the bbc website says Spring 2008 but no precise dates), as it generally holds together much better than Torchwood does.
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