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The problem with doing the grocery shopping in the morning is that I get distracted easily in the afternoon as that's normally my time to do whatever the hell I want ;) Of course, having said that I didn't actually go out & do the shopping till 11am as I got distracted in the morning too ...

Part of the distraction was figuring out a different irc client - irssi. I'd been looking (half-heartedly) for a command line one a while ago so I could run it in screen on our server (either the local or the remote one) & then wouldn't have to have a different client in windows & would have some continuity of scrollback (useful if someone's given you an ip addy you need for a game ... not that we've played any tdm lately but ...). I'd tried bitchx & centericq & not liked either of them so gave up. Barney mentioned irssi in passing yesterday morning so I thought I'd have a poke at it & see if I got on with it & I do seem to (and there's a theme that's purple, so that's a plus ;) ). Probly partly just because I'm more used to irc now so I don't need quite so many things to be via a gui. I get entertained reading FAQs/docs about irc & irc clients - they're all geared to a very different culture to the one I find myself in ... like all the po-faced asides when explaining how to set up auto-rejoin on kick about how if people on the channel are kicking people "for fun" then you need to find yourself some new friends (heavily paraphrased there).

When I eventually got off my arse & did the shopping I popped into the new sweety shop in town - it's an "Oldfashioned Sweet Shop", lots of jars of sweets behind the counter & all sorts of things I've not seen for ages. I played it fairly safe with what I bought tho - some liquorice cuttings for me & some sherbert lemons for J (he hates liquorice).

And in the evening we managed to stay up far too damn late, so I'm a bit fuzzy-eyed & fuzzy-headed this morning. And could really do with getting the hell on with things ;)
Tags: computer, irc, shopping, sweets
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