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Progress has been made on the fence repairs - 2 chaps been out to do quotes, and talked to both about getting rid of the leylandii things while they're at it (talked to one about removal of the spiky tree at the edge of the lawn, too). Now just to wait & see how much it'll cost - ballpark figure is rather a lot :/ Maybe need a third quote too, depends what these look like. Also need to find out who owns/has right of way on the path out the back, the fencing people will need access to that. It's currently full of our neighbour's junk - which does rather suggest that no-one uses it, but still we need to find out & get it cleared up enough for the fencing stuff to be done.

The other "virtuous" part of the weekend was getting J to go into town & actually buy some new trousers - he's been putting it off for rather a long time, but finally both pairs of his work trousers were too scruffy & he gave in & bought some more. We were quite efficient & went in in the morning and were quick, which was as well as town was hotching with poeple even then.

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent playing computer games, really. Not much of a surprise, there. Oh and we went to the pub on Sat evening - J hadn't got karate on Sunday so we thought we'd take advantage of that :)
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