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New episode of Shadow Unit was up yesterday morning, so spent a while reading that - then found the livejournals of some of the characters & spent a largish chunk of the evening reading my way through the archives of them. Seeing real people interacting with fictional people as if they were real breaks my head somewhat, tho ;) Shadow Unit is a TV series that doesn't exist - or rather only exists in text stories. Kind of a cross between the X-Files & Criminal Minds (which I've never seen, but I have read about), and kind of what Torchwood could've aspired to if it hadn't taken too much crack ;) And just about perfect for me, as I prefer my entertainment in written format :)

I'm sure I had all sorts of other things I was going to write about today, but they've entirely gone out of my head. Ooh, remembered one thing - got the best score in q4 I think I've ever got, 80 frags in 15 minutes & I wasn't even using quad (beat B1ade^ too, by the skin of my teeth :) ). No screeny tho coz it appears it wasn't taking them automatically, must've forgotten to put that setting back when I last upgraded q4max, ah well.
Tags: quake 4, shadow unit
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